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Burak Özdemir  Biography – Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Height and More

Burak Ozdemir, sometimes known as “CZN Burak,” has become a culinary sensation thanks to his distinctive cooking style and endearing online persona. Burak, who was born in Turkey, rose to recognition thanks to his extraordinary culinary abilities and love of food. In addition to his culinary prowess, what makes him unique are his captivating and funny movies, which have captured the attention of viewers all over the world.

Social media sites, especially Instagram and TikTok, are where CZN Burak gained notoriety for sharing his culinary exploits and visually stunning dishes. His specialty is a delectable and visually striking cuisine that perfectly combines classic Turkish ingredients with a contemporary and playful twist.

In addition to his culinary prowess, Burak Ozdemir is respected for his kind disposition and contagious energy. He has succeeded in establishing a sizable internet following that adores his sincere and humble personality and enthusiastically follows his culinary adventures.

Burak is a multi-restaurant owner, which adds to his celebrity reputation as a chef. He also maintains an active online presence. His accomplishments serve as an example for aspiring cooks and foodies everywhere, showing that a sincere love of food combined with a little bit of imagination can convert a hobby into a major global phenomenon. With his delectable concoctions, CZN Burak never stops surprising his audience and making a lasting impression on the food scene.

Personal Information of Burak Ozdemir

Full NameBurak Ozdemir
Date of BirthMarch 24, 1994
Zodiac SignAries
HometownYayladağı, Turkey
Height1.68 meters
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack


Burak Ozdemir, popularly known as CZN Burak, has forged an impressive culinary career rooted in his Turkish heritage. From his early passion for food, he rose to fame through engaging social media content, showcasing his unique cooking style. Burak owns successful restaurants and continues to inspire global audiences with his culinary creations.

Bio of Burak Ozdemir

Profession Turkish chef and restaurateur (Burak Ozdemir, renowned as CZN Burak, is a Turkish culinary sensation, captivating global audiences with his delectable dishes and charisma.)
Net Worth$12 Million US Dollars


Marital StatusUnmarried

Other Less Known Facts

  • The Hatay Civilizations Table restaurant chain, which he owns, has four locations: Taksim, Aksaray, Etiler, and its first out-of-country location in Dubai.
  • Özdemir’s nickname, CZN, stems from his habit of mispronouncing Cinzano, which is the name of his father’s textile store in Laleli.
  • Ozdemir has become a social media sensation on sites like Instagram and TikTok thanks to his skillful preparation and presentation of Turkish delicacies, all while maintaining a constant smile for the camera.
  • Additionally, he has been featured in the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, as evidenced by a photo he shared on Instagram on December 24, 2020.
  • On the day of its opening in Dubai in December 2020, Sheikh H. B. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum paid a visit to his restaurant.

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